About Eduardo

Since an early age, I had a feeling that there was more than what the eyes could see. I always felt the presence of spirits (most of the times they would scare me) and had a tough time being by myself at night and being in the dark. But even though I was scared, I always knew something was there protecting me. I also felt that my Mother was very intuitive and that she knew that I had a gift, so we would talk about spirit and our journey on this plane often.

I started doing martial arts when I was around 7 years old, because I needed to learn to defend myself from my middle brother (I was the youngest of 4) and that’s where I first experienced some sort of meditation. In my early teens, I started reading about self-development, hypnosis, and metaphysics. I was so intrigued and curious about the spiritual world, our mission on earth, why we died and all the oldest questions humanity has asked for centuries. My quest never seemed to end, looking for different books, which were hard to find and going from one theory or belief to another. Not knowing so many things made me feel anxious all the time. As I started growing up and going out more with my friends, I started to put aside the quest for enlightenment (which I realize I was in the process) until my Mother died in a tragic car accident, when she was just 49 years old and I had just turned 21. That forced me to reignite my quest for answers, for reading and for searching more and more for truth and guidance. After 2-3 years of my Mother’s death, my life finally seemed to get back to normal and I diminished the amount time I gave to my personal quest for spiritual and personal development.

Then when I was around 27, I started getting phobias out of nowhere, fueled (I thought) by losing the business we had started with my brothers and feeling that once more everything had be taken away from me. Again the Universe, God, Source, Spirit, whatever you want to call it, was pushing me to go back into the spiritual realms to look for answers, for healing and for ways to increase in consciousness. I learned the art of healing and studied many therapies to cope with phobias and personal issues. I have managed to take control of my phobias and emotions to a degree that I fell 90-95% comfortable in every situation most of the time. We’re only human and nobody is perfect, so I don’t claim to be.

The more I worked on myself, the more my spiritual abilities started to reconnect. I started receiving messages again and not only psychic messages but messages from loved ones, as well as messages from guides and Angels. Initially, it was a bit scary, since I thought I would not be able to control this gift and it would scare me to think I would perhaps lose my mind or that people would think I was crazy or weird. But the more I pushed, the more it came back, so instead of fighting it I decided to pursue it. When I seriously got started on this path, my goal really was to learn spirit communication for myself, but then all of the sudden messages would come to my mind while talking to people and at the beginning I was just afraid to convey them. Later on as I begun to realize this was the real deal, I started giving sessions for free and people started coming to me via word of mouth. I kept it like that for a couple of years, in the process I also met other psychics (I felt comfort in knowing I was not the only one) and also learned to do spiritual healings to others and also learned that I could do global, universal and even cosmic work.

Later on I put out the intention that when the time was right, I was going to start offering my services to the general public. At this point, I only use my first name on this website, I am also an entrepreneur and have several successful businesses and don’t want to have people ask me question wherever I go. So for now I’ll keep things as they are until Spirit guides me into changing my spiritual business model! 

I hope this gives you an idea of who I am and whom I am becoming every day. I only hope to offer the best information and to be the best channel that Spirit allows me to be. Blessings to you and your loved ones, Eduardo

angels reading image by AngelsWeare.com