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Angel readings are a great way to connect with your Angels. Angelical beings are always here to assists all of us, so when you receive angel readings, you will feel an instant shift on your outlook, your energy and you perspective. Angels have different duties to perform, but one of the most important is to give you information, nudges, or hints as what your next steps should or not be. They might guide you to read a book or meet someone that’s going to be important in your life or whisper in your ear or send you a message while you dream. Angels also love to show you when you are on the right track by showing you feathers and other tokens. I’ve encountered many feathers in my life in the most unexpected places and felt their presence right before the feather appeared. Angels love to validate the decisions you’re making or the path you’re taking and they will let you know along the way if you’re listening and observing your surroundings closely.

Angels also love to protect us from things or situations that might cause you or one your loved ones harm, so they will give you warnings of certain current or future situations you might encounter and give you advice on how to avoid them or ride through them as easily as possible. I know that with certainty because my Angels have helped me several times in life-threatening situations. When it’s not your time to leave this experience, your Angels will warn you. I remember once driving on a very busy highway in Miami (I-95) and listening to a voice yell into my ear “change lanes now!” and without thinking it twice I did. The moment I changed lanes a huge truck passed me by making a very loud squeaky braking noise and crashed the car that was just in front of me a second before. My first reaction was to thank my Guardian Angel for protecting and keeping me safe through the whole ordeal. This is just one of my many experiences with Angels and Angel Readings throughout my life.

When you receive angel readings, the messages usually come directly with little input from my mind or thoughts. In addition, you can ask questions for anything you want such as career, relationships, family, or anything that you’re looking for answers to and for guidance. Knowing that your questions will be always answered with the information that is for your highest good. Angels are benevolent beings, but will not interfere with your spiritual development (the most important think we came to do on this plane of existence), but they will always give you the best advice possible.

If you are in for a treat, book your angel readings with Eduardo and be open to a new world of possibilities.

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I was surprised by the info I received, but Eduardo was 100% spot on. I highly recommend his psychic readings.

Juan J.

Whenever I need guidance, Eduardo is where I go for readings. He provides honest no fluff heartfelt readings.

Carolina I.

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