Inner Child Sessions to heal yourself.

An Inner Child Session will treat those aspects of you that are hidden in the heart, but that need love and attention.

We spend most of our lives hiding those aspects of us that reside in our hearts, our inner children. As we grow there are many times that aspects of ourselves get repressed or can’t handle situation and they become stuck in an energetic pattern or blueprint that cause issues in our lives. These internal issues are reflected in our daily lives through conflict with certain people and in different situations, because they want to come up to be healed. Sometimes those aspects take over our lives and we do things we don’t want to do or things that we shouldn’t do, just as a spoiled child would do. We basically become unconscious of certain negative behaviors until we start realizing that we need help. Unfortunately, a lot of those aspects cannot heal by themselves; that’s when you can work on healing those aspects of yourself or have an expert give you an inner child healing session. Those child aspects need a hands on approach to assist them in releasing the negative patters or assisting them in transforming those patterns into positive ones.

In addition to receiving an inner child session, it is recommended that you connected with the kid in you on a regular basis either by doing things that you enjoyed doing when you were younger or by doing playful things and give that part of you the love and attention it needs. Our society makes us believe that growing up means not being a child anymore, but it’s the child like attitude towards life that keeps us young, happy and prosperous.

I used to be so serious in my life, especially after my Mother’s passing. I felt that I needed to grow up, be serious and behave like an adult at all times. Well that cost me dearly, I disconnected from all the things that gave me joy as kid, especially music. When those aspect of me would surface reflected in others, I would just blame the other person or situation, without realizing that they were just acting as mirror of things that I needed to heal. As my consciousness grew and I started becoming aware of the inner child, I started working on those aspects consciously. I found issues that were causing problems for many years and I was able to transform many areas of my life. I now live a much happier life and see many situations with the eyes of a child, with curiosity, excitement, joy and I look for the lesson in mostly every situation. That doesn’t mean that issues never come up anymore, but I know that I need to take action, so I give myself an inner child healing session. If you think you or a loved one can benefit from a session, please click here.

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