Love Numerology Readings to Find or Keep The Perfect Love

Love numerology readings by Eduardo will give you the information you need to establish, keep or release that relationship!

Love numerology readings give you the opportunity to find if your potential or current partner is a good match for you and it can also give you ideas on how to improve a relationship, or it can also just confirm what you already know (that he or she is not the right person for you).

To me it just makes absolute sense to check if your numerology and your potential partner’s is a match or not. I mean, numbers are everywhere; they are the structure of the universe, so why not use them to figure out what’s best for you in terms of love and relationships. That’s exactly what I do when I perform a love numerology reading! I analyze your personal numerology as well as the numbers of your partner and tell you if you guys are a good match or not, if you’re going to have challenges (that sometimes can be overcome) or not, or if it’s just better to run to the woods (believe me, it happens).

It’s crazy how love numerology readings give you an accurate picture of your relationship. I have a young nephew that was kind of a skeptic of numerology, so I decided to explain to him a bit what numerology is and how numbers work in relationships. I told him that there are some numbers that are very fortunate, but extremely challenging in some areas, specially love. I knew he had a tumultuous relationship with a young girl, which gave me a hint of the potential conflicts in their love numerology. So without giving him a reading, I just gave him the typical conflicts in a numbers that is very challenging for a relationship. Then I decided to give him a reading and to our amazement (his more than mine), the exact number that I was talking to him about came up in the reading. Then I continued to ask him his ex-girlfriends information in order to find out her love numerology. Once I had the results and shared them with him, he just could not believe it, the girlfriend had the same number that I had mention created a lot of conflict in a relationship and probably (for sure actually) the reason why they were not together anymore. I gave him a valuable lesson, that is: Always check your love numerology before getting into a relationship, if it’s the number I described, run away as far as you can!! Hopefully he follows the advice; otherwise he will encounter the same issue again and again. Unfortunately, we learn through suffering first and then if we’re lucky, we grow painlessly. I choose the latter.

If you want to get married, or you want to figure out if your partner is the right one for you, I highly recommend you get a love numerology reading. It can’t hurt, only help in your relationship….it has to me and many others!

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