Medium Readings To Connect To the Other Side

Lost a loved one? Medium Readings are a great way to connect with those that have crossed over.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost a partner, a sibling, a parent, or just a friend, people that have crossed over are eager to connect with you and share their love for you.

As humans experiencing 3d, the departure of loved ones, sometimes can cause huge amounts of grief, sorrow and despair and it can even have devastating and sickening effects on our body, relationships, and life in general. I know that for a fact, I lost my Mother at a young age in tragic and unexpected car accident and I also lost my sister a couple of years later and it really took me through the dark night of the soul, luckily I was able to get out of it. I later realized and understood that death is an illusion, our body only perishes and transforms itself into other types of energy, but our soul, our essence, our however you want to call it, only transitions into other realms, it never dies.

Medium readings allow you to feel your loved ones with you once again and they provide the knowing that they have never left you, they have always been around since the day they crossed over giving you the support you need and encouraging you to heal yourself and follow the lessons and experiences you came here to learn. In addition, a lot of the times there’s unfinished business or things that you or your loved ones did not have a chance to express to each other, a medium reading can give you the opportunity to express your feelings and make peace with yourself and your departed loved ones. They can also give you valuable information about how they departed and leave you feeling at peace knowing what really occurred when they crossed over. 

During medium readings, most relatives want to give you a piece of information, or a validation, that only you know in order to make you feel safe and to know that it’s actually them giving you a message. That is the moment when the magic happens and you’re in awe of the information that came through and how the message makes absolute sense. Other times, they will give you a message that you quite not understand at that particular moment, but that later on will make sense and you will feel a sense of clarity and appreciation for the message. It is the person’s job doing the medium reading to pass on the information that your loved ones or spirit wants to give you, typically a message that is for your highest good and that will help you along your journey. So go ahead and book your medium reading with Eduardo by clicking here, you and your loved ones will enjoy it!

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I was surprised by the info I received, but Eduardo was 100% spot on. I highly recommend his psychic readings.

Juan J.

Whenever I need guidance, Eduardo is where I go for readings. He provides honest no fluff heartfelt readings.

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