Name Numerology Readings to Improve Your Life

Is your Name Numerology helping you in your life, or is hindering your happiness and wealth?

Name numerology is extremely powerful. When we are born our name is given to us by our parents, however I believe we choose our parents, location, lessons/challenges in our lives and of course our name. Understanding our name numerology, in conjunction with our birth numerology, it gives us an overall perspective of our path on this plane and an understanding of what we came here to learn.

Nothing happens by accident and your name numerology is no accident either, your name gives you a specific vibration, a specific combination of energies that make you who you are. When I learned what my name meant, I was just so amazed and I’m sure you will.

As our consciousness grows, we understand that we have the power to change our vibration, to change our path, to live the life we want and to change or tweak our name to make it more compatible with our and others birth numerology and to improve all areas of our lives. I have seen it in many people, including celebrities and famous people around the world. There are many examples of people that have very challenging name numerology, but when they change their names, their lives change for the better right away almost if by miracle.

A dear friend of mine, who migrated from Italy to NYC when she was 21 years old, had a terrible name numerology combination. So when our friendship strengthened, she shared her life experience before her marriage and I was just blown away by how much struggle she had endured most of her life. She had major issues with her Mother, the issues that you only see in extremely depressing and disturbing movies, she had experienced poverty, family members had abandoned her, etc., etc. Her story was one of pain, suffering and uphill battles in every area of her life, it was really a miracle that she had not taken the wrong path. At some point, a couple of weeks after she arrived to NYC and stayed at the house of some family members in the middle of winter, she was even kicked out on the streets with no money, no roof and no one to turn to in the freezing big apple. As she told me her story, the numbers in my head starting popping up, so I knew there had to be a connection. Sure enough, I gave her a reading and her name numerology and birth numerology where extremely unfortunate. It was no accident that she had endured all those issues for all those years. I then asked her when her life had changed, of course I knew the answer, her life had changed when she got married (and changed her name and her name numerology vibration) so I checked her married name and it was a fortunate numbers. She could not believe what I shared with her and what her numbers were saying. I just gave her some name numerology recommendations to improve her life a bit more and that was it. She has implemented the changes in her life is now a believer in numerology, no doubt about it.

Name numerology readings can improve your life in ways unimaginable and if recommendations are followed, they can change your life very quickly. In addition, it also gives you the power to help loved ones. You can choose a fortunate name for your newborn or make sure that you don’t use an unfortunate nickname for one of your children, or tweak their current name to make sure the name numerology is a fortunate and prosperous one. If you’re open and ready to book your reading, please click here. 

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