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Are you looking for answers in your personal or business life? Eduardo’s psychic reading sessions are a great way to get accurate information from spirit to help you build the life you want live. Each psychic reading is unique and it will provide you with important information for you to be able to make important decisions and changes in your life.

Whether you want to improve a relationship with a loved one, find a partner, or start a business, you will find that the psychic readings I offer bring you the right information at the right time. I know I have improved my life with my own readings and through readings with other psychics. Why not use the spirit information highway in the same we use search engines when we search for information? Since I was a kid I always knew there other ways to get information for your journey on this plane of existence. Psychic readings have helped me in my path many times and I have also experienced the pain for not following the advice that came through in my own readings or through others, but sometimes we just need to learn with pain so that we can appreciate and explore the spiritual realms. As I grew in consciousness, I realized that I did not need to suffer anymore and that I wanted to live life joyfully, lovingly, wealthy and healthy. So I started developing the powers that we all come with to use them for my highest and best and for others. Like one person that came through my path once told me: “To have a God give gift and not use it, is a crime!” So I decided to offer my services to the public.

It is really rewarding to be able to assist people with their issues and have them call  or email me a year later to tell me that the information that came through (it’s not really me, I’m just the messenger) during their psychic readings was completely accurate and that everything happened as it was said during the session. To be honest with you, I don’t even remember sessions, I just know that the information that came through was for the highest and best for that person at that moment. I don’t want to blow my own horn, but isn’t that amazing?

There are many people offering psychic readings, but finding a psychic that actually gives you accurate information, gives you the confidence to trust the guidance, and encourages you to follow your heart is hard to find. When you receive your psychic readings, spirit will also help you to learn to connect to your own source of information and to learn to trust it. I do not want to create groupies, I want to assist people to empower themselves through their connection with their own intuition and guidance.

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I was surprised by the info I received, but Eduardo was 100% spot on. I highly recommend his psychic readings.

Juan J.

Whenever I need guidance, Eduardo is where I go for readings. He provides honest no fluff heartfelt readings.

Carolina I.

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