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A Spiritual Reading to get answers from the Angels, Guides, Source/God or from departed loved ones.


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If you’re looking for a spiritual reading of any kind, it means that you are well along in your spiritual path and growth
or it means that you’re just getting started. Either way, I congratulate you for that! Right now you might be looking for answers or guidance for specific issues or different areas of your life, such as love/relationships, money and abundance, business and career, or you just looking to connect with a departed loved one. A spiritual reading will allow you tap into different sources of information, either through an Angel, Psychic or Medium Reading, to receive the best possible information or outcome of a situation or to receive the best possible course of action you need to take. For example, figuring out if that person your dating is the appropriate one for you, or when that job opportunity is going to show up, if a particular business is right for you, or if it’s for your highest good to move a new city, etc., etc. You can ask any question about any topic and trust that your guides, angels, higher self, or Source, will give you the information that you need at that moment.

People have been studying spiritual practices and using spiritual channels to ask and receive information throughout the ages. The Druids, the Romans, American Indians, you name it, most cultures around the world use or have used esoteric practices to connect with different realms of existence to ask and receive information. I believe it is our right as human beings, as we expand in consciousness, to tap into the available resources that are our disposal to receive guidance while we’re experiencing this reality. There’s a reason why so many cultures have tapped this resources, why shouldn’t you?

Regardless of the many different spiritual reading modalities offered here, the information that comes through should make sense to you. I take readings very seriously, but I also want you to learn to discern that the information is right for you. At the end of the day, it is you who knows what’s best for you and you must understand that you have the power to create your own reality. So perhaps you receive a piece of information that you’re not happy with, it is within your power to change the course and mold your future according to your desire (understanding that it will happen if it’s for your highest good and in accordance with your soul’s plan for you in this lifetime).

I had my first major experience with a spiritual reading when I was only 21 years old. A friend of mine recommended I go see a lady that was supposed to do amazing readings. I really didn’t even know much about the type of reading she did, but I was intrigued because I sensed something important was going to come through, but for some reason I was a bit nervous about it. This lady started giving me information about my past that was very accurate, but I thought to myself that anyone could tell me the things she was saying, so I wasn’t that convinced. Then she moved on to tell me things about my future and the most important thing that struck me, was a prediction that someone very important in my life was going to pass away very soon and that it was going be life-wrecking and changing. That my life was going to be turned upside down in a heartbeat, but that I was going to survive through it. I asked her who that person was and she refused to say, only telling me that I would find out pretty soon. I figured it was one of my Grandmothers, which I was very close to, but I was wrong. Two weeks after the reading my Mom passed away in a tragic car accident at 49 years of age that. I remembered about the reading and the news that came through a couple of weeks later and I could not believe it. At that moment I received the most important validation of my life, something that I knew as real when I was kid, that it was possible to ask and receive accurate information from the other side and that if she could tap into it, I could as well. So I decided to learn different ways to consciously communicate with angels, guides, higher self, source, departed ones and different level of consciousness.

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Want to connect with loved ones that have crossed over? Medium readings will connect you with those that have departed.


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